Landscape Design

We work with native California plants and local design culture to create and install unique, sustainable, artistic gardens and landscape features in and around the Monterey Bay.

  Property Maintenance

Native Coast Landscapes is trained to provide professional and effective garden and landscape maintenance to residential and commercial properties on the Central Coast.

  Habitat Restoration

Our extensive knowledge of native plant and animal wildlife drives our passion for doing our part in restoring California’s Central Coast to a sustainable level of ecological function and beauty. 

  Green Roofing & Living Architecture

We specialize in the design, install and maintenance of living architecture. Contrary to conventional roofing, green roofs provide insulation to your home, help support local wildlife, and much more.

  Tree Services

Ask Native Coast Landscapes about all your arbor needs. We service trees, shrubs and vines of all types. Specializing in orchard planting and maintenance.

  Hardscape & Garden Features

We use the most sustainable, local materials possible to create functional, eye-catching hardscapes and garden features for your residential or commercial properties.

  Irrigation & Water Features

Water is sacred to planet Earth, especially in California in recent years. Our water-wise design, planting methods and irrigation strategies give you a reason to feel good about your garden and how it fits in harmony with the surrounding landscape.